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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Idea for Leftovers

If you are like us, we LOVE taco salad around here. We had a series of "continuation meals" that went like this:

Saturday: General Tso's Chicken with Rice
*Lots of Rice leftover!

Tuesday: Taco salad - throw in leftover rice, taco meat, lettuce, crushed chips, cheese, salsa, and ranch and toss!
*HUGE bowl = more leftovers!

Wednesday: Taco salad isn't REALLY great leftover because once you heat it up the salad isn't as crisp as it was... so we rolled the mix in some flour tortillas and ate them burrito style! This would be even better enchilada style with some sauce and cheese melted on top!

And there you go! Three meals, utilizing everything you've got!

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