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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Recently I had an interaction with a friend that really got me thinking about the concept of goal setting and how to become what we desire to be. I am definitely one to expect more of myself than anyone else could expect of me; however, I believe firmly in a concept that I shared with her and want to share with you now:

Start from where you are now...

I think that too often too many of us see where we want to go and jump into trying to be the person that would already be there. I know that this was really hard for me to not do when I first started my fitness journey, and if we are being completely honest, it is still something that I struggle with.

Start where you are and build from there #CreativeAttitude

When we create an image in our minds of how we should be we don't naturally desire to follow a painstaking process to become that person. We put ourselves into positions and situations which are part of the life of our future selves, but not yet maintainable by the person we are today. That doesn't mean that we won't get there someday. We absolutely will as long as we stick to it. But we must arrive there step by step. 

#Goal Setting Quotes: Follow a process to achieve your goals. Don't compare your ambition to someone else's. Start from where you are and once you start achieving your goals, your ambition will naturally increase | www.achievegoalsinlife.com/personalgoalsetting

In completing the questionnaire sent to me by Prevention.com on, "Is This The Life You're Meant to Live?" I have realized many different things about myself... I am 1st in line of setting goals far and away above myself and then worrying about what I cannot yet achieve with the means available to me. 

So what do we do? Is there an aspect of your life that you wish to change? Is there something about your life that you want to make different?


It is alright that we aren't there yet. We want to be there and we will get there. So today we will set goals that we can achieve right now. 

Yesterday, I couldn't stay on top of my homework, my kids, and the housework. There was just too much to be done. The kids aren't optional and I had several homework assignments that were due by 11:55 pm. Sorry housework... where I was yesterday was not a Superwoman housewife. (Although I am sure even with a pile of laundry on our bedroom floor my amazingly cute hubster would beg to differ. How did I get so lucky?) 

This was brought into a huge light of perspective for me when I read Daring Young Mom's blog post on Drops of Awesome. Have you read it? Go and do it now. Maybe yesterday I wasn't a Superwoman housewife that could do everything that needed to be done. But by golly I started from where I was, took what I could in stride, and I even managed to put a few dishes away and a few more into the dishwasher! The kids were taken care of and fed and happy. Woohoo - drops of awesome.

So no matter where you are in any aspect of your life... start from there. Don't expect to go from the bottom of the mountain to the top just because you want to be at the top - appreciate and enjoy the climb. 

Do just one thing. Take one more small step. Don't worry about sprinting or leaping or being everything that you believe you see around you and is expected of you. Do what you can today to improve by just one small step.

The top of the mountain is coming as long as you keep climbing. 

QUESTION FOR MY DEAR READERS: What have you found that best helps you set and maintain goals? Do you have a personal niche that works for you every time?


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