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Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Monday

Time for another round-up of what we will be getting to enjoy this week! I am excited for some of these new meals!


I have class on Monday and Tuesday nights normally. Cute hubster does a great job providing for himself and the kids on these days and I usually just grab something quick before I leave.

Happy birthday to my dear sister-in-law, Marie, on the 26th!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH - Soy Lemon Chops with roasted potatoes and peas. We will need to use Tamari instead of soy sauce because of my gluten free needs but I think that this meal will turn out to be easy and delicious!

Photo courtesy of Allrecipes.com

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH - Naughty Nutty "Noodles"

Photo courtesy of Delightful Taste Buds

FRIDAY, MARCH 1ST - Spicy Vegan Tofu Rice Bowls (It is based on the sauce from the recipe below but otherwise is an original creation of mine so watch for the recipe later this week!)

Photo courtesy of Kalyn's Kitchen

SATURDAY, MARCH 2ND - DATE NIGHT! We have a fun get together planned with our best friends. We like to get together for dinner (Outback Steakhouse this time) to catch up and play games but this time we get to celebrate the engagement of the beautiful girl on the far right! CONGRATULATIONS CARI and PAUL!

SUNDAY, MARCH 3RD - EXTENDED FAMILY DINNER: Sunday we are getting together to celebrate the birthday of this wonderful man, my Grandpa. He is one of the most amazing men I have ever known and I am so happy to be able to celebrate his 70th birthday with him! I will be making a special family dessert recipe for this day - Frozen Ice Cream Angel Food Cake. I will take a picture and post about it later this week!

QUESTION FOR MY DEAR READERS: What exciting things do you have on your menu this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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Jared and Melissa Palmer said...

Thanks for the ideas! We tried the pork chops this week and they were a huge hit!