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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spreading the Love

It is time for another round-up of wonderful posts that I have enjoyed around the web lately! There is some seriously great stuff out there and I feel privileged to get to experience the world through so many different pairs of eyes.

On Being a Mommy:

Mommy Meltdowns: They Happen to Us All - Oh so easy to relate to! I loved reading this story when my local news first ran it and I loved re-reading it as I am writing this post. I feel as if that post was written in my very own words.

On Finding Fitness and Exercise Balance:

New Research: Getting Ultra Ripped May Make You Ultra Weak - I believe firmly in "all things in moderation" and I could write an entire soap-box post about getting ultra ripped and super lean and all of that jazz... but I think that this lengthy article has some fabulous points and some killer information so I will let you browse Charlotte's hard work.

Intuitive Eating - This is another post that I can relate to and something that I have struggled with. It is a balance that we all want to achieve but seems to continually challenge us in ways we never imagined.

Intuitive Eating Out - I could've yelled at the screen several times on this one, "That's me! I need to do that!" Clare is one of my favorite "real" bloggers.

Reduction in Magazine Reading - Although I don't personally read "popular" magazines I thought that Annette brought up some really good points and gave me some great food for thought with this post.

On Obtaining True Glory:

I first saw this pinned by FitFluential on Pinterest. I love following FitFlutential - they have a lot of motivating quotes and ideas. Diane Sanfilippo from Practical Paleo has this exactly right! And it is applicable to all walks of life.

On Learning from the Past and Inspiration:

Using the Past to Heal the Future: Learning One of the Hardest Lessons - 9 years later - I loved how open and honest this post was and how much it struck me. It is nice to know that there are still so many  seriously good people in this world that are working hard to live life right.

My UNC Classmate Maria's Story: Losing 50 Pounds and Keeping it Off - I love it when bloggers are real. This woman is beautifully real and I wish that I knew her in real life!

On Having a Positive Attitude:

22 Things Happy People Do Differently - I seriously need to work on #9 and #13...

Boost Your Body Image: Self-Love and Acceptance at Any Size - There are some excellent suggestions in this article and several of them definitely resonated with me.

On Intimacy in Marriage:

The 72 Hour Club: A Man's Perspective: The Without  - I can't begin to say how much I loved this article. It gave me an entirely new outlook on this issue when it was written from a man's point of view. I really feel like this article helped me to personally understand how my husband works better.

QUESTIONS FOR MY DEAR READERS: Have you found an article, quote, or story on the web lately that you just loved? Did any of these links resonate with you?


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