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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ashley Crapo's Oreo Balls

Okay, so these are to die for. Really, I'll be honest. If I didn't exercise self control I would probably devour the entire batch in one sitting. These are a hit ANYWHERE you take them and are absolutely divine. HOWEVER, they are a bit of a pain to make. Very few ingredients, just time consuming to put together. But I promise - get some friends, make them together, and you'll love them!


1 pkg. Oreos
1-8 oz. Cream Cheese
Almond Bark Chocolate

Put all the Oreos in a large Ziplock bag and crush them using a rolling pin or large spoon. Make sure there aren’t any large chunks. Add cream cheese to the bag and mix with your hands until well blended. Roll into small balls and place them on a cookie sheet. Place the cookie sheet in freezer for about 30 min. Dip balls in melted almond bark. Store in the freezer until serving.

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